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XQUIS Human Capital Management System consist of a series of integrated software modules, designed to enable efficient implementation to precise customer requirements. All our modules can be implemented at any time even in stages and according need , fully maintaining data integration and functionalities across installed modules. The system is menu driven, based upon code, date validity and company business parameters with a hierarchy of menu and sub menus. Hardware and operating platform is flexible and range from stand-alone PC based to enterprise wide server. XQUIS is a true open system product, portable across more than 90 types of hardware and operating systems. Four separate security levels at hardware level , operating system level , Oracle level and system software level , ensure that only authorized users can access sensitive data .

A powerful but user-friendly reporting system is embedded to enable access to all data with the capability to export to other popular reporting media such as MS Excell . The reporting facility can be upgraded to become a executive information system with graphical based slice and dice analysis and modeling capability. XQUIS HCMS contains four broad modules : the Foundation Module, the Operational Modules, the Strategic Modules, and Reporting Modules. An additional layer co-exist to facilitates the Idea Portal for communications within corporate and across its internal business units.



Personnel Administration module is the main core database, used to retain, replicate and automate the function of the personnel office and provide vital management information to senior and line managers. XQUIS Personnel Administration also can be used to enable the management of effective organization versus personnel administration functions to achieve maximum benefit from these valuable resources.

XQUIS personnel administration identifies an extensive array of management and administrative information and reports across five key data criteria : Organization Structure, Position Management, Award and Classification, Occupancies, and People-Within-The Organization. Download Brochure

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XQUIS Work Place Management module is used to manage employee working effectively in the workplace environment by controlling absence, overtime, and employee bookings to projects and jobs. XQUIS Work Place Management module support full control of daily prevalent “time-theft” in the working environment. Download Brochure

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XQUIS Leave Management module provides an extensive leave management sub-system that can calculate and maintain leave balances dynamically, based upon user-defined formulas, accrual rules, and non-accrual conditions. An unlimited number and variety of leave types can be maintained within the system with links to ensure that overlapping leave periods and special leave types are correctly administered. Download Brochure

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As a part of XQUIS HCMS Integration, the payroll management modules utilizes and shares data common with the other modules, such as Personnel Administration, Workplace Management, and Leave Management.

Payroll Management module is fully user defined, able to change pay rate, eligibility or rates for allowances, overtime rates, and super-annuation contribution rates any number of times within a period. XQUIS Payroll Management module is fully date-driven and features real-time process, retrospective payroll solution including an accurate calculation of unlimited employee earning, tax, allowances, deductions, and benefits components. Download Brochure

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XQUIS Budget and Commitments module assist the company in planning human resources budgets and monitoring expenditure against planned budgets. It supports the process of estimating budgets required for a budget period by calculating estimated budgets for the coming year based on various conditions such as - but not limited to planned position, incorporating salary and employee allowances. increments for current position incumbents. Download Brochure

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XQUIS Occupational Health and Safety module fully recognize that safety is important in industrial processes and workplace facilities that involve people, equipment, chemicals, surrounding environment, compliance and even ethical behavior.

XQUIS HCMS Occupational Health and Safety function addresses a broad range of areas starting from incident and accident recording, injury management, rehabilitation, worker's compensation, and a comprehensive hazard management which is fully flexible to be configured to regional differences in the relevant work conditions, insurances schemes and legislative requirements of different government, regional, or corporate bodies. Download Brochure

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XQUIS Medical Center module provides the means to manage health-related internal processes including medical tests, first aid treatments, emergency procedures, cost management and control, all with user-defined reporting.

The Medical Center acts as both a supplement to the Occupational Health and Safety module, and as an operational module for the management of workplace health and safety programs and supporting the Training Management in events. Download Brochure

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XQUIS Loan Management module manages staff loans which can be configured with user-defined parameters, such as unlimited types and entitlements, flexible ceiling and default ceiling, flexible interest rate and types, flexible subsidy and calculations, flexible loan installment periods, flexible total repayment versus total salary (net or gross total salary being user definable) or personnel / position entitlements. Download Brochure

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XQUIS Travel Management module helps the company manage, administer and control the travel benefits and its inherent costs generated by employee travel. This module provides extensive entitlement parameters given to employee based on position or award and classification. Download Brochure

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Competency Management is the strategic core for building organizational capabilities. XQUIS HCMS Competency Management module allows user to define its own multi-cluster, multi level, and multi factor model. There are two competency model available to users in this module, either “Value Based Competency Model” where factors are weighted and valued relative to its importance to the organization or “Dimension Based Competency Model” where needed-behaviors needs to be displayed as dimensional form of superior performance. The Competency Management forms the base of all other strategically-categorized modules within XQUIS HCMS. Download Brochure

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XQUIS HCMS Recruitment and Selection module positions recruitment and selection as strategic staffing. Through this module, user can register vacancies, maintain a pool of pre-qualified applicants, record and track candidates to offer and acceptance stage, and manage the selection process strategically through the competency management model . The Recruitment and Selection module administer the physical management of applicant sourcing to assessment through filters of interviews, skill tests, details of qualification, skills and competencies integrated from the Competence Management module by direct comparison of required position profiles versus existing employee skills and competencies. Download Brochure

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Training Management and Human Resource Development modules work hand in hand to record employee qualification, skills and competencies, identify and manage access to appropriate development programs, and to maintain career path and succession planning. These modules gathers diverse data from areas such as new hire details, training records, performance records, and of course from the personnel administration module. Download Brochure

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XQUIS HCMS Performance Management provides an flexible yet superior managerial tool to set and monitor performance goals and standards, motivate and guide each individual employee towards high performance and personal development of skill and capabilities. The Performance Management module covers four major factors to evaluate : the work target or KPI, progress made in hard-competence, progress made in soft-competence, and work discipline. This module provide true strategic capability of employee versus organizational capability analysis and reward system and is fully integrated with the other modules in XQUIS HCMS. Download Brochure

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Remuneration planning reports produces information on the industry comparison & package while remuneration planning audit is to audit and / or control to the package and benefits reimbursement. This module enables a company to manage sophisticated compensation and benefit structures, and is specifically linked to several point systems such as the Hay or Moses evaluation system, with the added facility to conduct a “what-if” analysis. Download Brochure

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Reporting module is designed to complement data-reporting within the whole of XQUIS HCMS . It has the same design and architecture with the core modules of XQUIS HCMS and is capable of full integration and link within the whole system suite without any difficulties or hassles, It is extremely dynamic and real-time and forms the platform for the metalayer report generator and the executive information system Meta Layer Report generator is a desktop tool which facilitates fast, effective and user friendly retrieval of data from all of XQUIS HCMS modules and serve the output in three dimensional graphical or analyzed through spreadsheet program. XQUIS HCMS Executive Information System module offers real-time, slice-and-dice, point and click ease of use and a combination of text, data through a common information front end. Download Brochure

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The Idea Portal is a flexible, scalable, and fully customizable portal that truly supports the way the enterprise works through delivering integrated facilities that eliminate communication bottleneck. Idea portal module has several web application, such as content management system, suggestion management system, and electronic survey system. Each of application is fully integrated with the other modules of XQUIS HCMS. Download Brochure

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