Our business is enabling organizations to make the most effective use of their most valuable resource . . . . their people.

Established in Indonesia in 1991, PT. Konsep Sistem Indonesia (KSI) is a provider of innovative, client-focused people management products and services. PT. Bank Central Asia Tbk. is our first implementation experience of our Human Management System.

The Indonesian clientele list has grown since with the addition of :

  • ENI Indonesia (prev. Lasmo Oil Indonesia)
  • Argo Manunggal Group
  • PT. Polyfin Canggih
  • CITIC Seram Energy Limited (prev. KUFPEC (Indonesia) Limited)
  • PT. Hokinda Citralestari
  • PT. Pupuk Kalimantan Timur
  • PT. Indonesia Asahan Aluminium
  • PT. Samawood Utama Works Industry
  • PT. Jaya Real Property
  • The Bandung Trade Center
  • Asuransi Yasuda
  • Toserba Yogya.
  • PT. Kaltim Prima Coal
  • PT. Sigap Prima Astrea
  • PT. Premier Qualitas Indonesia

KSI believes in strategic alliance in complementing the business opportunities in Indonesia, therefore relationship becomes an important code of conduct of the company, business partners and customers.

This strategic partnership benefits the company’s list of prospects and clients to be served through the availability of resources/specialists for the Human Management System software development and implementation. Products knowledge and trainings as well as its enhancement/new releases are also extensively provided to KSI business partners.

Reliable and dependable customer servicing is another thing on the top list of KSI priority.
There are three major activities : Sales and Marketing, Business Consulting, and Technical/Research and Development, therefore staffing will also be critical in accordance to provide a comprehensive response and services to answer customers’ needs.

Nowadays, KSI is empowered by its own professional team members of management and staff to achieve the vision and mission of the company, to ensure all deliverables to the customers are well-taken care.


  • XQUIS Human Capital Management (HCM)
  • Business Intelligence

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